Shaneez Johnston was spotted at a country gymnastics competition and at
                the age of 10, moved away from her parents' home in Wyrallah to train at the
                New South Wales Institute of Sport under the guidance of Edith Peluso. Her
                parents joined her 2 years later.

                    Johnston says:

                    "I want to be the best. It makes me feel good when I am
                    achieving something. If you do not do all the work you would
                    never get the feeling. When you achieve something, it gives you
                    a boost to your self-esteem."

                She has improved in style and presentation over the
                last few years, and has ditched a conservative bun
                for a trendy ponytail a la Elena Vitrichenko. One of
                the more expressive members of the Australian
                team, her dynamic routines are occasionally
                marred by inconsistencies in her execution.
                Johnston uses her supple lower back to her
                advantage during arches and acrobatic elements,
                and has recently been seen performing a rare
                single pivot in a back flexion position.

                               Johnston is now already into her third year of senior
                               competition and is set on competing in the 2000
                               Olympics in Sydney. She performed well in 1997,
                               placing 5th overall at the Four-Continents
                               Championships and representing Australia at the
                               1997 World Championships in Germany. In 1998
                               she won three individual medals at the 1998
                               Commonwealth Games, showing us how this
                               talented athlete is gradually developing into one of
                               Australia's most promising rhythmic gymnasts.