Showing her best toe point ! :) Great Eva !

 Name : Eva Serrano
 Nickname: Evtché, Evitchka
 Birthday: 22nd April, 1978
 Birthplace: Nimes, France
 Residence: Orléans, France
 Stature: 172 cm (5 ft 8 inches)
 Weight: 49 kg
 Languages: French, English
 Discipline: Individual
 Club: SM Orléans
 Coach: Atanassova Kostadinka, Mladenova el Snéjana
      (Ludmil Kotzev)
 Started with RG: 10.1986
 Member of the group: since 1991
 Weekly training: 25 hours
 Sportic aim: -
 Music: Michael Jackson, Golman
 Books: Thriller, Fiction, Agatha Cristie
 Movies: The 5th Element, Contact
 Hobbies: shopping, cinema